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Designed by Britain's Bill Dixon from the old Angus Primrose firm now bearing his name,
Anitta is a 62-foot sloop with classic lines, a lot of sail area, and 21st Century accommodations.
With three air conditioned guest cabins, two double and one over-and-under, each with bathroom, as well as a large cockpit aft, Anitta takes six guests in comfort. Cruising under power at a speed of 8 knots and sailing even faster, this yacht offers fun and range. Meticulously maintained by her crew,
guests may be confident of a memorable holiday.

Chartering Turkish Aegean Chartering Greek Aegean

Chartering Greek Aegean

Chartering Greece Chartering Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2005
Length: 62 ft
Beam: 16 ft
Draft: 8 ft
Sail Area: 1,960 sq ft
Engine: 240 hp Yanmar
Generator: 11 kva Kohler
Water 145 gal
Fuel 105 gal
Cruising Speed: 8 knots

Chartering Turkish Aegean


VHF Radio-Telephone
Navigation Systems
Air Conditioning
Stereo Music System
Electric Windlass
Tender with 10 hp Outboard
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Deck Shower

Chartering Turkish Aegean

Chartering Greek Aegean

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning sailing yachts chartering the Turkish and Greek Aegean may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. Could you be searching for a sailing yacht chartering the Turkish coast? South from Homer's Troad? Or might you be searching for a sloop-rigged yacht cruising the Greek Aegean? Cruising among the Odyssey's sirens? Cruising an azure sea under a gentle sun? Or might you be hoping to do some fast charter sailing, taking advantage of Mother Nature's energy to move at speed from one fascinating locale to the next fascinating locale? Or could you be considering a sailing yacht holiday at the cradle of civilization? At the crossroads of history? This sailing yacht, Anitta, is home-ported proximate to Bodrum, Turkey, ancient Halicarnassus, birthplace of Herodotus who wrote the first history text entitled History, and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well. At the heart of the Turkish Riviera with miles of white sand beach running left and right, Bodrum is no more than ten nautical miles from Greek Kos, birthplace of Hippocrates, father of medicine and progenitor of the Hippocratic oath still at the heart of medicine twenty-four hundred years later; Kos, with its own beaches circumscribing the entire island. At Bodrum and Kos the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem constructed a spectacular walled castle and double-walled fortress, Chartering Aegean Turkeyrespectively, both still standing, their purpose to thwart corsair flotillas as well as enemy armadas. So whether you are searching for sailing yachts chartering the Turkish and Greek Aegean, for speed under sail, or for yachts charter sailing the crossroads of history, Anitta may be the yacht for you. Anitta is a charter sailing yacht with accommodations for three guest couples. Or for a family of up to eight. You might like to charter such a yacht and begin your holiday by cruising Turkey's ancient Lycia, home of so many of the Iliad's Trojan heroes. Or begin by sailing early 16th century corsair tracks along the Aegean coast of Turkey and among Greek Aegean islands, seeking the temptations those corsairs sought. Kara Hasan was one of those early corsairs. Also known as Caracassam, the kara in his name may have meant black as in sinister, possibly handsome as in manly beauty, possibly courage, and possibly a combination of two or more of the above. As a corsair, Kara Hasan must have certainly seemed sinister to his victims. He was likely courageous to have elected a career path of continual hazard. But we have no clue as to his appearance. Hasan's kara must therefore remain obscure. Kara Hasan and his brother Kara Tornus, also a corsair, came from the Aegean island of Skyros then ruled or misruled by a Venetian merchant family, and it may have been misrule that turned these brothers into corsairs hunting Latin prey in what was then the Latin Aegean, mostly an Aegean of Greek-populated islands colonized by Venetians after the Fourth Crusade rape of Constantinople. Kara Hasan did his initial corsairing aboard a single-masted galliot or galley such as those depicted in the foreground above, preying on Latin shipping and Latin colonial dominions in the Aegean, mostly Venetian but including those of Genoa and of the Hospitallers where not so well-defended, all as depicted on the borrowed map below. Some say Kara Hasan later took his vessel to North Africa where he allied himself with the Barbarossa brothers from the Aegean island of Lesbos, rising to become captain-general of their flotilla occasionally engaging Spanish galleons as also depicted above. So, you might sail this corsair's Aegean tracks while you holiday at the crossroads of history. From Rhodes to Kos to Leros to Patmos to Samos to Chios Chartering Aegean Turkeyto Lesbos. And beyond. Into the Dardanelles, gateway to Constantinople and the home of Turkish armadas. Or should you prefer you might simply cruise with family and friends from port to port. Going nowhere in particular, as long as nowhere includes an azure sea under a gentle sun. Starting in Turkey. Starting in Bodrum. Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Or are you still pondering that kara appellation? We have Aegean tracks of yet another kara, Kara Murad, not a corsair but perhaps a more interesting figure at the maritime crossroads of history. Kara Murad was famous mostly for keeping his head, literally, as Grand Vizier to Sultan Ibrahim The Mad. A veteran of the janissary corps of Christian conscripts, Kara Murad parlayed a special relationship with the sultan's Greek grandmother Anastasia into longevity in a capital not famous for longevity. When not holding the office of Grand Vizier, Kara Murad earned considerable notoriety in the office of Kapudan Pasha or commander in chief of the Ottoman Navy during the 25-year war between Turkey and Venice over possession of Aegean Crete. During that war Venice attempted to block the Dardanelles leading from Constantinople in order to prevent Turkey from re-supplying its forces besieging Crete's capital city. In 1654 Kara Murad led an overwhelming flotilla of 79 vessels out of the Sea of Marmara and into the Dardanelles in order to end a blockade on the part of 26 Venetian vessels. The odds were so overwhelming that some 30,000 cheering Turks gathered on both shores to view Venice's come-uppance. Demonstrating the perspicacity which had enabled him to keep his head when all about him were losing theirs, Kara Murad left his flagship for a skiff before the action commenced and, clad as an ordinary seaman, sailed through his flotilla bow and arrow in hand to set an example of courage. And, unkind sources would have it, to save his neck should his flagship be lost, which it was, even though the Ottomans did win the battle and end the blockade. Kara Murad lived to again cruise the Aegean and to eventual retirement. It takes no similar perspicacity for Blue Cruise Yacht Charters to put guests aboard a crewed yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to show you the tracks both of Kara Hasan and of Kara Murad, able to show you the tracks of Sarpedon and other Homeric heroes off Lycia's Patara Beach, able to show you the home of the four Barbarossa brothers at Lesbos, and able to show you their tracks throughout the Turkish and Greek Aegean. And we can discuss where all of these people were headed and why. So, too, can the crew of Anitta, a Bill Dixon designed sailing yacht chartering the Turkish and Greek Aegean. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at