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Charter Cruise Turkey

This twenty-first century sailing yacht
caters to eight guests with a crew of six including chef, sous-chef, and pātissier.
She features exquisite appointments and amenities from stem to stern. Beige and white colors highlight a tastefully done topside and interior notable for varnished mahogany enabling eight guests to relax alone or in company. The crew is experienced and welcoming, while dining inside or alfresco is unsurpassed.

Charter Cruise Greece Charter Cruise Turkey

Charter Cruise Turkey


VHF Radio-Telephone
CD Stereo System
w/Outdoor Speakers
Satellite Television
Telephone and Fax
Fully Equipped Galley
Deep Freeze and Ice Maker
Ski Boat w/115 hp Outboard
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Gear


Four Cabins
Two w/Queen Beds, Two w/Twins
Generous Storage
En Suite Bathrooms
Salon with Bar
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Seating for Twelve
Foredeck Sun Mattresses
Cushioned Quarterdeck
Sun Awnings
Separate Crew Quarters

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2007
Length: 98 ft
Beam: 23 ft
Draft: 10 ft
Displacement: 121 tons
Sail Area: 4,300 sq ft
Sailing Speed: 8 knots
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Engines: (2) 500 hp Iveco
Generators: 27,27,16 kva Kohler
Electricity: 24v and 220v

Charter Cruise Greece

Charter Cruise Greece Charter Cruise Turkey

Charter Cruise Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning luxury yachts on charter cruise in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for a long lost friend by the name of Arabella. Or you may be searching for the opera of the same name composed by Richard Strauss, he of Der Rosenkavalier and Ariadne auf Naxos fame. If so this web page will be of little assistance. Or you might simply be searching for a luxury yacht and nothing less. Or for any yacht on charter cruise in Turkey or Greece. If either, we can help as you have found a U.S.-flag luxury yacht on charter cruise in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, a luxury yacht cruising between isolated blue-water coves surrounded by Calabrian pine along Turkey's southwest coast and among sparsely-populated Dodecanese and remote Cyclades islands of Greece. You have found a luxury yacht cruising from village bazaar to archaeological wonder, from Dodecanese pastel to Cycladic blue-and-white, from lamb kabob or pork souvlaki to sixty-four varieties of patlican meze, from grilled octopus to seafood pasta. Can you imagine! The cuisine! The turquoise sea off Turkey's white-sand beaches! The azure sea of a Greek island cove surrounded by nothing at all! A cruise from here to there, or from there to here! A cruise from Naxos to Paros to Santorini! Charter Cruise TurkeyNaxos! The island at which Ariadne dumped Theseus and took up with the good-time god Dionysus! A cruise at the crossroads of history. A cruise replicating the flight of Theseus from the Minotaur's Crete. A cruise replicating corsair tracks through the Aegean, for example, sixteenth century wakes left by the Barbarossa brothers and by their contemporary Turgut Reis. But replications not incurring the wrath those corsairs engendered, but rather partaking of a hospitality which might have been theirs had they not plundered and enslaved and murdered right and left. How about cruising the Aegean aboard a luxury charter yacht with exclusive accommodations for eight guests in four luxuriously appointed cabins. Sailing along Turgut's (Dragut's) tracks from Latin-occupied Greek island to Latin-occupied Greek island. While you holiday. While you have a holiday with friends or family. Turgut was born by another name on the coast of southwest Turkey in about 1485 of a Greek mother and a father of unknown pedigree. Inducted into the Ottoman standing army at the customary age of twelve, he subsequently became expert in laying cannon fire and fluent in Arabic, and about six years later was dispatched with others to Mamluk Egypt then threatened by Persian expansion. While details of his Egyptian experience are lost to history, in Alexandria he came to the attention of a corsair, Sinan of Smyrna, a future brother-in-law of the Barbarossas. It was from Sinan he learned sailing skills and to whom he imparted his knowledge of artillery. Sinan was to be his mentor and companion for the next two or three years, and a lifelong friend, as well. By 1505 or 1506 Turgut had earned enough from Sinan to build and equip his own galliot and with it was raiding the Venetian Aegean, including the aforementioned islands. During the years to come his single galliot was complemented by more than a dozen others, one captained by his younger brother, and by 1520 he had taken his plundering to the western Mediterranean where he pillaged and burned along the Italian boot and among the islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica to mention the largest. In consequence of his depredations he was the subject of numerous retaliatory expeditions, many led by the Genovese condottiero Andrea Doria whom he outwitted more often than not. One of the "nots," however, occurred in June of 1540 when Dragut paused on the west coast of Genovese Corsica and was trapped by a Doria squadron. Following a fierce engagement in which Dragut's galley went down, he was taken prisoner by Charter Cruise GreeceGiannettino Doria, nephew of Andrea Doria. The next four years of Dragut's life were passed on the benches of Doria galleys, a period which ended with his ransom under Doria duress by Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa. The ransom price was an astronomical 3,500 gold ducats like those depicted to the right, not to mention the lifting of Barbarossa's siege of Genoa. The total price, though, also included a torso permanently scarred by galley lash and a thirst for vengeance which would put pale to all of the bloody history gone before. For the next twenty-one years until his death from a cannon shard at age 80 while participating in the Ottoman siege of Malta he would make his ransom seem far too little. So, just one, or two, or three, or four anecdotes about some of those parading at the crossroads of history. Come aboard Arabella, a luxury yacht cruising those crossroads. Come aboard in Gocek. Gocek is 42 nautical miles ENE of Rhodes Town and 15 road miles from its own international airport at Dalaman. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a luxury sailing yacht for a holiday not to be forgotten. We can put you aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to show you Aruj Barbarossa's several tracks down the coast of Turkey with brother Ilias, able to show you Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa's many tracks up the coast of Turkey, and able to show you Turgut's tracks among Aegean islands of Greece as well as tracks to and from Constantinople where on several occasions he was royally received by Sultan Suleiman. Arabella, an impressive luxury yacht available for a charter cruise in Greece or Turkey or both. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at