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Luxury Motor Yacht Turkish Coast

This vintage motor yacht was laid down in Glasgow and launched in 1914.

Built as the Resit Pasa by Fairfield Govan Shipyards on order of the Bosphorus Steam Navigation Company, she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy for the war effort and saw service beginning in 1915 as H.M.S. Waterwitch, Luxury Motor Yacht Turkish Coastacting as a troop ferry first at Lemnos and then in the Dardanelles. From war's end she served the allied Occupation Authority in Istanbul, and was in 1923 turned over to the Turkish owners who had commissioned her construction. For the next sixty-two years Halas was employed as a passenger ferry on the Bosphorus. Purchased in 1985 by her present owners, she was totally refurbished over a period of four years and outfitted for entertainment and holiday charter enjoyment. Anchored on the Bosphorus during winter and early spring months, this elegant vessel caters exclusive receptions and dinner parties. Cruising Turkey's southwest coast during the balance of the year, Halas has repetitively played host to British royalty and to others of discerning taste.

Halas's refurbished reception and dining facilities are an ideal setting for business meetings to beLuxury Motor Yacht Turkey held in absolute privacy. She is similarly appropriate for wedding, anniversary, and other receptions. She is able to seat up to sixty guests for the most select of dinner parties impeccably served. Her three kitchens provide exquisite dining from menus prepared by accomplished chefs from the choicest of local meats, sea foods, and produce.

Bosphorus Tours

During winter and spring months Halas may be booked for tours of the Bosphorus. Up to twenty-four guests may be accommodated overnight in twelve luxuriously appointed cabins.

West Coast Tours

During late spring and early fall Halas may be booked for tours along the west coast of Asia Minor, tracing, for example, the Apostle Paul's route returning from from Greece when he took ship down the west coast of Anatolia from Alexandria Troas to Assos to Mitylene (Lesbos) to Chios to Samos to Trogyllium under Mycale to Miletus near Bodrum, and then to Kos and Rhodes and on to Patara in Lycia before jumping off to Tyre in modern Lebanon.

Summer Cruises in the Gulf of Fethiye

In June of most years Halas sails south to Gocek, a riviera town on the Gulf of Fethiye twenty-five minutes by road from Dalaman International Airport. The Gulf of Fethiye, ancient Lycia's Glaucus Sinus or Gulf of Telmessos, is surrounded by lower slopes of the Taurus Mountains pine clad to the water's edge, and its crystal-clear water invites swimmers and snorkelers. It is an area of flat-water cruising easy on those not accustomed to open sea, and is rimmed with innumerable coves, anchorages, and archaeological sites.

Luxury Motor Yacht Greek Aegean


  • 2 Suites
  • 3 Executive Cabins
  • 3 Large Double Cabins
  • 4 Standard Cabins
  • All Air-Conditioned

The Club Marina at Gocek is home port to Halas until the end of October when she returns to Istanbul. Halas may be chartered for periods of unlimited duration or by the cabin for scheduled three to six day cruises among idyllic bays, coves, and inlets dotting the Gulfs of Fethiye and Gocek.

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1914
Refit: Annually
Length: 171 ft
Beam: 28 ft
Draft: 11 ft
Engines: (2) 512 hp Caterpillar
Maximum Speed: 15 kts
Cruising Speed: 12 kts

Luxury Motor Yacht Turkish Coast


Deep Freezes
VHF Radio-Telephone
Television, DVD Player
Stereo Music System
Tenders with Outboard
Water Skiing Tender & Outboard

Luxury Motor Yacht Turkish Coast

A Luxury Motor Vessel Cruising The Turkish Coast

A Luxury Sailing Yacht Cruising The Turkish Coast

A Large Motor-Sailer Cruising The Turkish Coast

A Motor Sailing Gulet Cruising The Turkish Coast

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