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Private Yacht Charter Greece

For a memorable sailing holiday
the 143-foot ketch-rigged super yacht Juliet has superb speed on the wind and unsurpassed living appeal. Completed in 1993 to a Ron Holland design, she was skillfully constructed from aluminum by Royal Huisman at Vollenhove, The Netherlands, with an interior by Pieter Beeldsnijder appointed in hand-rubbed mahogany punctuated with rare nautical fixtures. Refitted from 2007 to 2009, Juliet is now a tried and tested super yacht combining cutting-edge sailing rig with luxurious comfort. Serving a superior cuisine, Juliet is able to accommodate up to eight guests in four cabins. The crew of seven is accommodated separately.

Private Yacht Charter Turkey

Private Yacht Charter Greece

Private Yacht Charter Turkey


Four en-suite cabins accommodating eight guests, including one master and three double, all air-conditioned with private bathroom.
Air-conditioned salon.
Indoor and outdoor dining facilities.
Sun mattresses. Deck awning.
Separate crew quarters.

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1993
Year Refit: 2009
LOA: 143 ft
LWL: 115 ft
Beam: 29 ft
Draft: 15 ft
Displacement: 254 tons
Sail Area: 9,548 sq ft
Engine: 840 hp Mercedes
Maximum Speed: 19 kts
Cruising Speed: 10 knots


VHF Radio, Stereo Music System, Satellite Television with VHS and DVD Players, CD and DVD Library, PC with Printer and Internet Connection,
Speedboat w/90 hp Motor, Water Skis, Water Slaloms, (2) Kayaks, Diving, Fishing,
and Snorkeling Equipment

Private Yacht Charter Greece

Private Yacht Charter Turkey

Private Yacht Charter Greece

Luxury Charter Croatia

A Four-Cabin Luxury Yacht Sailing Turkey And Greece

A Six-Cabin Luxury Yacht Sailing Turkey And Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning private yacht charter sailing off Greece, Turkey, and elsewhere in the eastern Mediterranean may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above or by contacting the undersigned. Thank You. Could you be searching for a luxury sailing yacht cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean? Or for a handsome private yacht with towering rig sailing the eastern Mediterranean? Off Turkey's beach-lined, lagoon-riddled, southern shore? Or could you be dreaming of a luxury cruise among remote Aegean islands rarely seeing so much as a ferry? Because the ferry is a low-profile single-cabin caique? Could you be dreaming of swimming the azure sea between rarely-visited Karpathos and Kasos? Or of dining at tiny Arki on greater amberjack? Of dining on the beach of a remote inlet at Astypalaia? On your own catch? Or could you be dreaming of sailing the crossroads of history? Of exploring the cradle of civilization? Of walking the magnificent classical period walls of ancient Nisiros not far from the Roman spa at Pali? Or of walking the magnificent classical period walls of ancient Caunos not far from the English spa at Dalyan? Both of these magnificent walls constructed by Mausolus, King of Caria and husband of the remarkable Artemisia the Younger. Or could you be dreaming of tracing the footsteps at Knidos of Charles Newton? He who removed to the British Museum the six-ton single-piece marble lion now gracing the museum's central atrium? Or could you be hoping to sail in the wake of the Barbarossa brothers? In the wakes of all four of the Barbarossa brothers? Yes, the name Barbarossa has a familiar ring, but few know the saga of these seafaring Greek brothers from the Aegean island of Lesbos. Corsairs all four. Few know of the elder Aruj or Oruch, called Silver Arm for his steel wing, inspired leader of men and Emir of Algiers until his death at the hands of the Spanish in 1518. Even fewer know of brother Isaac, a potter who tired of pottering, also a victim of the Spanish in 1518. Nor of brother Elias dead at the hands of Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem nineteen years earlier. But a few, a very few, know of Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa, the youngest of the four Barbarossas who rose to become Lord High Admiral of the Ottoman Navy under Suleiman the Law Giver at a time when the Ottomans, thanks to Kheir-ed-Din, ruled the Middle Sea. He died in bed. But as little known as these sea peers of Sir Francis Drake was a much earlier countryman of England's well-known admiral. A Passage Through HistoryCountryman, yes, and more, a king of England sailed the Aegean and southern shore of Turkey. In fact, two kings of England sailed the Aegean and southern shore of Turkey. Both were crusaders. One of them, Richard Coeur de Lion, or Richard the Lionheart, who appeared off these shores during the Third Crusade, is as famous as Francis Drake or more so. The other had as little press as Isaac Barbarossa. He was Edgar the Aetheling, last Saxon king of England in 1066. Born in 1051 at the Hungarian court of Andrew I, the son of Edward the Exile and Agatha, she a cousin to Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor, Edgar passed his first six years on the border of the Greek-speaking Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire, and is thought to have been conversant in Greek. Summoned back to England by his great-uncle Edward the Confessor in 1057, Edgar the Aetheling was destined at the age of fifteen to be King of England for three months in 1066 before William the Conqueror was crowned in his stead. During the succeeding three decades this last Saxon king of England was frequently engaged at sea in the cause of his brother-in-law Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland, as well as in far away Sicily during the Norman conquest of southern Italy. Edgar was not to appear off eastern Mediterranean shores until he accompanied William the Conqueror's son Robert on the First Crusade commencing in 1096. It may be presumed that upon arrival in Constantinople at the court of Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus, Edgar was received as a peer or near peer and that his acquaintanceship with the Greek language served him in good stead. It may also be presumed that Edgar was well received by the largely Saxon Varangian Guard in personal service to Alexius. For Edgar the Aetheling next appears in the pages of history in March 1098 in command of a Varangian fleet of dromons dubbed the "Saxon Crusade" coming to relief of Crusaders A Passage Through Historythen in their eighth month besieging Antioch (modern Antakya) depicted at right in digital imagery courtesy of Mustafa Kemal University in Hatay. Having provided the succor the besiegers needed for success, the Saxon Crusade moved on to Latakia, wresting Latakia from the Genovese pirate Guynemere and occupying that city in the name of Alexius Comnenus. Edgar then re-joined the First Crusade for its siege and 1099 capture of Jerusalem. Subsequently offered a place at the Byzantine court, Edgar declined and returned to England where he lived well into his seventies. Edgar the Aetheling was probably the longest living ex-king in history. There was also a future king of England who graced our shores, Prince Edward, later Edward I. Prince Edward and his younger brother Prince Edmund led the Ninth Crusade in a 1271-72 attempt to rescue failing Christian states of the Holy Land. Would you not like to have a luxury holiday aboard a charter yacht proceeding leisurely along the crossroads of history from remarkable eastern Mediterranean locale to remarkable eastern Mediterranean locale accompanied by remarkable eastern Mediterranean anecdotes? Would you not like to charter a most-handsome sailing yacht to cruise Turkey's southern shore to Antioch once the most prominent city of Magna Graecia, surpassing Athens and Alexandria in population and splendor? Or north to Constantinople which in turn surpassed Antioch in population and splendor? Are you searching for Antioch in Turkey? For nearby Latakia? Well, the private sailing yacht Juliet can take you there. You can be put aboard a most handsome sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime, a sailing yacht able to show you Edgar the Aetheling's track from Constantinople to Antioch, able to show you the Barbarossa birthplace at Lesbos as well as the brother's Aegean and eastern Mediterranean corsair haunts, able to show you the capital city of Mausolus, Halicarnassus, site of his monumental tomb one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and able to show you the aforementioned classical period walls as well as the original site of Charles Newton's marble lion. And his marble Demeter. Juliet, a superb luxury yacht sailing the eastern Mediterranean's Greece and Turkey. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at