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Charter Yacht
Nostra Vita
Sailing Adriatic Croatia
Along Its Dalmatian Coast

Sailing Croatia

Sailing Adriatic Croatia

Sailing Dalmatian Coast


Handsomely-appointed accommodations
for guests consist of five large cabins of which two are master cabins with king-sized beds,
two are double cabins with queen-sized beds, and one has twin beds. All cabins have en-suite bathrooms with shower stalls, push flush toilets, and hair dryers. An individual air-conditioning unit is fitted in each of the cabins as is satellite television, CD stereo system, and mini bar. There is a cushioned quarterdeck.
Crew quarters are separate.

Sailing Adriatic Croatia

After Master Cabin

Sailing Dalmatian Coast

Double Cabin

Sailing Adriatic Croatia

Forward Master Cabin

Sailing Dalmatian Coast

Twin Cabin

Sailing Adriatic Croatia

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2005
Year Refit: 2011
Length: 97 ft
Beam: 24 ft
Engine: 450 hp Iveco Aifo
Generator: 220v 30kva
Water: 2,640 gal
Fuel: 630 gal
Cruising Speed: 9 knots
Framing: Oak
Planking: Mahogany
Deck: Teak


VHF Radio-Telephone
Ship-to-Shore Telephone
Water Skis
Yamaha Jet Ski
Tender with 70 hp Outboard Motor
Snorkeling Equipment, Fishing Tackle
Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley
Deep Freeze, Ice Maker

Sailing Adriatic Croatia

Sailing Dalmatian Coast

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter yachts sailing Adriatic Croatia and its Dalmatian coast may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for our life, nostra vita, perhaps seeking to make it your life, a life sailing Adriatic Croatia and its Dalmatian coast, or you may simply be searching for a charter sailing yacht holiday along the coast of the former Yugoslavia, the Dalmatian Coast once ruled by the Republic of Venice, the Dalmatian Coast with its near-infinite number of offshore islands and seemingly endless reminders of ancient and medieval history. Croatia is hard to beat. The scenery! Thousand-year-old island towns intact! Hvar and Korcula, the latter birthplace of Marco Polo. And the cuisine! Perhaps the best fresh seafood you've tasted. Mussels and little fishes in garlic. Big fish, too! Or is it Adriatic Montenegro you have in mind? Can you imagine! There, too, you will find thousand-year-old towns intact. Sveti Stefan and Kotor and Petrovac and others. Their restaurants serving fresh seafood of the same caliber. And the octopus! Always superb, in vinegar it is even better! And there is plenty of history to recount, as well. History such as that made by Honore de Hocquincourt, an accomplished sea captain cruising these same waters during the 1660's, cruising with letters of marque first from the Knights of Malta and then from the Republic of Venice. Hocquincourt was one of eight children born to an old and distinguished family of Picardie in that part of France bordering the English Channel, his father Charles a Marshall of France under Louis XIV, his mother Eleonore from an equally distinguished family of Valencay. Like many junior offspring of distinguished families, Honore de Hocquincourt did not succeed to titles and property but rather was left to fend for himself. He turned to the sea. By 1660 he owned and commanded a 36-gun frigate such as that depicted below, a square-rigged sailing warship only then coming into its own in a Mediterranean theretofore dominated by oared galleys. Obtaining that year a privateer letter of marque SunOdyssey Sailing Greecefrom the Knights of Malta, one of whom was his brother Dominique, he set about disrupting Ottoman commerce in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Over the next several years he came out on top in a succession of engagements with Ottoman corsairs off the islands of Zakinthos, Sifnos, and Chios, among others, most of these engagements in the company of fellow-privateer Anne-Hilarion de Tourville. He obtained much of his renown in November 1665, though, when he, Tourville, and a third privateer were caught in a dead calm off Candia (Crete) by 34 galleys under the command of Ottoman Admiral Mehmet Ali Pasha. In spite of the advantage of maneuverability, the Ottomans were decisively defeated and driven from the field. Hocquincourt's frigate alone took 150 cannon ball hits and was rammed in the poop before the engagement ended in victory. Returning to Malta for battle repairs, however, Hocquincourt and his fellow captains found themselves less than welcome; peer envy, one report has it. In consequence he and Tourville made their way to Venice where their reputations had preceded them. There in 1666 they obtained Venetian letters of marque and continued as before, the two of them in November, almost 12 months to the day following their first great victory, engaging off the southern Peloponnesus 26 Ottoman war galleys, sinking some and putting the rest to flight. A grateful Doge Domenico Contarini in 1667 offered both Hocquincourt and Tourville elevation to the Republic's Maggior Consiglio or Great Council. Free spirits, neither accepted. Tourville returned to France and greater glory. Hocquincourt went down with his ship that same year between the Dodecanese islands of Karpathos and Kasos, Sailing Dalmatian Coastblown onto a shoal by a tempest. Could you be dreaming of a sail through history? Or could you simply be dreaming of a holiday under an Adriatic sun? In either event you must be dreaming of a crewed charter in the Adriatic, of sailing from one history-steeped island town to the next history-steeped island town dining on the catch of dozens of brightly painted caiques with fish net piled high fore and aft. Or could you be dreaming of dining alfresco on the quarterdeck of your own chartered yacht? A chartered yacht catered by an experienced Croatian chef? How about realizing your dream aboard a sleek crewed gulet sailing the Adriatic from Dubrovnik. Sailing with group accommodations. With room for you two and four like-minded couples. How about chartering Nostra Vita to cruise Croatia's Adriatic shores. Or to roam among neighboring islands. While you enjoy history and seafood and sun. Would you like to have such a holiday cruising the Adriatic? Surely you would like to holiday aboard a charter yacht proceeding leisurely from one enchanting island town to the next enchanting island town. Who wouldn't! Starting in Dubrovnik! Are you searching for Dubrovnik in Croatia? Well, it is located well down the Dalmatian Coast just north of the Gulf of Kotor, and it has its own international airport. There we can put you aboard a crewed yacht for the sailing odyssey of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht and point you toward excitement and history. We can show you Honore de Hocquincourt's path down the coast of Dalmatia and among Croatia's offshore islands where he once could be found lying in wait for Ottoman merchants coming out from Hercegnovi, the former Castelnuovo. Nostra Vita offers a sailing yacht holiday along the coast of Croatia and among neighboring islands of Croatia. Why not begin your holiday in Dubrovnik (Ragusa), homeport of Nostra Vita as well as one of the more striking medieval towns. Sail from there to Korcula and from Korcula to Hvar and Trogir and Split. Do all of this aboard a handsome ketch-rigged charter yacht with luxurious accommodations for five couples and a service to match. Do all of this while you holiday at the crossroads of history. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at or telephone us at +90-533-230-5781.