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Dubrovnik and Croatian Adriatic

Cruising Dubrovnik

Sedna is a custom 66-foot cruising yacht
catering exclusive holidays for discerning guests.
Built of choice hard woods, she boasts a master cabin forward
as well as two double cabins port and starboard, each air conditioned
with its own bathroom and shower. The wheelhouse salon adjoins
an ample quarterdeck ideal for al fresco dining, while foredeck space and
cabin-top sun mattresses also accommodate guests.

Cruising Croatian Adriatic

Cruising Dubrovnik

Cruising Croatian Adriatic Cruising Dubrovnik

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1990
Year Refit: 2007
Length: 66 ft
Beam: 18 ft
Draft: 7 ft
Engine: 250 hp
Generator: 10 kva
Water: 1,050 gal
Fuel: 525 gal
Cruising Speed: 8 knots

Cruising Croatian Adriatic


VHF-Radio Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Marine Air Conditioner
Satellite Television
Stereophonic Music System
Tender with Outboard Motor
Sun Mattresses
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Fully Equipped Galley

Exclusive Cruising Dubrovnik Exclusive Cruising Croatian Adriatic

Cruising Croatian Adriatic

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning exclusive holidays cruising Dubrovnik, the Croatian Adriatic, and elsewhere may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. The boutique yacht Sedna offers an exclusive holiday cruising Dubrovnik and among offshore islands of the Croatian Adriatic. Ketch-rigged with the main mast stepped far forward, she has a classic low-to-the-water hull profile while featuring esthetically pleasing accommodations for a limited number of guests. A 250 hp diesel engine enables Sedna to cruise at eight knots giving her a four-hour range of thirty-two nautical Exclusive Cruising Dubrovnikmiles, more than sufficient to make interesting port after interesting port along the coast of Croatia and among neighboring Adriatic islands. Home-ported at Split, Sedna's is a memorable holiday cruising the mid-Adriatic between Split and Dubrovnik-Cavtat. A holiday cruising the Ragusan Sea. Hers is a holiday with frequent swim stops as well as pauses for haute seafood cuisine served al fresco. She is ideal for a family or for an extended family of six or seven. She is equally ideal for a group of friends numbering six. Should you be thinking of cruising Dubrovnik and the Croatian Adriatic with a small party, it is hard to do better than Sedna. With Sedna you may cruise the islands between Split and Dubrovnik each characterized by eye-catching medieval architecture, islands such as Hvar and Korcula, Lastovo and Mljet, Sipan and Lopud, and you may visit similarly endowed coastal cities such as Trogir, Dubrovnik, and Ragusavecchia or Cavtat. You may thus cruise through medieval history. When Dubrovnik was the independent Republic of Ragusa encompassing many of these islands it also maintained a long border with Herzegovina, and one way it maintained peace on this border was to make citizens of Herzegovina nobility. These included Stjepan Vukcic Kosaca (Vuk) and his three sons Vladislav, Vlatko, and Stjepan, the latter half-brother to the others by virtue of Vuk's remarriage to Bavarian Princess Barbara of Landshut. The father was Duke of St. Sava and ruler of Herzegovina from 1435 until his death in 1466. In 1463 the neighboring Kingdom of Bosnia had been subdued by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II who had also attempted to subdue Herzegovina, but had been repulsed by sharpshooting mountaineers such as those depicted below armed with the matchlock arquebus. In the aftermath of this success, however, eldest son Vladislav collaborated with the Ottomans, reducing Herzegovina to a vassal state with youngest son Stjepan dispatched at the age of six to the Ottoman court of Mehmed as guarantor of his father's obeisance. Upon the death of a disheartened Vuk he nevertheless left his realm to all three sons. Vladislav received northern Herzegovina, soon made a mess of things, and disappeared into Hungary and out of the pages of history. With young Stjepan still hostage at Constantinople, Vlatko was left as ruler. Meanwhile the younger Stjepan was educated in the arts and military science with the elite of conscripted Christians at the Enderun Kolej within Mehmed's palace at Constantinople. By 1478 he had become the imperial standard bearer at Mehmed's side on each and every campaign. Three years later he commanded Ottoman forces in Bosnia, perhaps prompting Vlatko to expand his realm at Ottoman expense. A quixotic undertaking at best. Dissuaded by his younger brother, Vlatko returned to Castelnuovo, modern Exclusive Cruising Croatian AdriaticHercegnovi labeled Sutorina on the map above, and never again made the pages of history. Young Stjepan, by then known as Hersekoglu Ahmed Pasha, moved on to twice become an Ottoman army commander, to three times become lord high admiral of the Ottoman fleet, and on five separate occasions to be named by Mehmed's son Bayezid II and grandson Selim I Ottoman grand vizier, the highest appointed position in the Ottoman Empire. Along the way he married Bayezid's daughter Hondi Hatun, thus becoming Selim's brother-in-law. He was at Selim's side during the 1516-17 conquest of the Middle East and Egypt which trebled the size of the Ottoman Empire, and died in the latter year of an unreported cause near Aleppo on the return from Egypt. During Hersekoglu Ahmed's lifetime the Adriatic was by treaty between the Ottomans and Venetians a "Venetian Gulf" out of bounds to Ottomans except during the Ottoman-Venetian War of 1499-1503, and he is not known to have appeared in the Adriatic as Ottoman admiral or otherwise. Today the Adriatic is more a Croatian lake than a Venetian gulf thanks in part to international airports at both ends of Sedna's path between Split and Dubrovnik. So please join us at one or the other should Sedna seem the yacht for you. Hers is a boutique holiday catered in comfort while guests are transported from one destination of their choosing to another destination they approve. And all the while her crew is able to discuss Hersekoglu Ahmed Pasha and other prominent citizens of Dubrovnik populating the pages of history. Sedna, offering an exclusive holiday cruising the Croatian coast and its offshore Adriatic islands. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at