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Tao II
Greece, Turkey
Southern Italy

Cruising Turkey

Tao II is an Eleuthera 60 catamaran
from the drawing board of France's Berret - Racoupeau
and can be considered a masterpiece of handcrafting by Fountaine Pajot.
By pooling its experience in building the finest catamarans, the company has proven again
that a fully equipped top-of-the-line multi-hull can be an ideal contribution to
charter cruising in Greece, Turkey, and southern Italy.

Cruising Turkey Cruising Greece

Cruising Turkey Cruising Greece

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2004
Length: 59.8 ft
Beam: 28.1 ft
Sail Area: 1,990 sq ft
Engines: (2) 100 hp Yanmar
Engine Speed Max: 12 kts
Engine Speed Cruise: 9.5 kts
Generator: 3.5 kva Mastervolt
Water 220 gal
Fuel 160 gal


Three En-Suite Guest Cabins
Large Salon
Indoor and Outdoor Dining Facilities
Sun Mattresses
Cushioned Cockpit
Protected by Overhead
Separate Crew Quarters


Water Maker
Tenders with Outboards
Water Skis
Diving Compressor
Snorkeling Equipment,
Deck Showers
Satellite Navigation
Stereo Music System
TV with DVD Player

Cruising Greece

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Turkish AegeanHome of the Sea People! Or to sail Dragut's tracks along the coast of neighboring Caria and among Greek Aegean islands? Or to sail Dragut's tracks along the coast of Italy? While you holiday. While you holiday aboard a crewed catamaran exploring the Turkish coast's many pine-encircled coves. Or while you sail leisurely from one intriguing Aegean island to another. Or while you sail Italy's scenic Amalfi Coast. As did Dragut. A sea person himself, Dragut was born to another name in 1485 on the shores of what had been Caria, and he took to the sea in fishing craft at a young age as did most of his coastal brethren. Early in his second decade, however, Dragut was brought to the attention of a devsirme party conscripting Christian youth into the Ottoman standing army. His immediate history thereafter is one of janissary schooling. Assigned the Muslim name Turgut, he received a first-class janissary education in Constantinople apparently including a stint in the artillery school at Tophane in Galata, apparently because by his late-teens he had developed a proficiency in gunnery and was dispatched with others to Mamluk Egypt then threatened by Persian expansion. While details of his Egyptian experience are lost to history, in 1504 or 1505 his gunnery proficiency came to the attention of Sinan of Smyrna and of Acsac Reis, corsairs sailing out of Alexandria with letters of marque from Egyptian authorities. At sea he proved to also have an aptitude for navigation. An able gunner and an able navigator, his share of prize money enabled him over the years to acquire an interest in a merchant brig, and brig profit eventually led to his own galliot. First one galliot, then several. By the 1520's known to his prey as Dragut, a corruption of Turgut, he was vying not just with Sinan and Acsac but with Khizr Barbarossa as the most feared of Latin-hunting Turkish privateers. The scourge of the Aegean in the early years of the century, he would eventually earn the sobriquet Drawn Sword of Islam. He remained such until the age of eighty when done in not by his years but by a cannon-shattered rock at the 1565 siege of Malta. Why not charter a sailing catamaran to cruise in this sea person's wake. Why not have fun at the crossroads of history. Starting in Bodrum, near Dragut's birthplace. Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Well, it's about twelve nautical miles northeast of Kos Town on the Greek island of Kos, both cities proximate to their own international airports. In Bodrum or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed catamaran for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a catamaran with an experienced crew able to show you the sea Dragut fished as a boy, and able to show you the sea he hunted as a privateer and Ottoman admiral. Tao II, a fine crewed catamaran available for cruising Greece, Turkey, and southern Italy. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at