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Staysail Schooner
White Soul
Charter Cruising
Turkey And Greece

Charter Cruising Turkey

The essence of this sleek white staysail schooner
from the drawing board of Milan's Matteo Picchio is elegance under sail, elegance in appointment, and haute cuisine. Built at Bodrum's Bod-Yat Shipyard, White Soul offers the discerning guest an unforgettable holiday charter cruising the Mediterranean along the coast of Turkey and among Aegean islands of Greece.

Charter Cruising Turkey

A comfortable salon and navigation station
open to the quarterdeck and a second navigation station.

Charter Cruising Greece

Accommodations for guests consist of five large cabins,
one master, two double, and two twin. The two twin cabins have an additional single bed.
All have en-suite bathroom facilities and individual air-conditioning units and
all feature the privacy afforded by sound-dampening bulkheads.

Charter Cruising Greece


Year Built: 2007
Type: Motor/Sail
L.O.A.: 124 ft
L.O.D.: 111 ft
Beam: 27 ft
Draft: 13 ft
Displacement: 170 tons
Sail Area: 7,500 sq ft
Engines: (2) 430 hp M.A.N.
Generators: (2) 70 kva Perkins
Cruising Speed: 11 knots
Fuel: 3,700 gal
Water: 1,300 gal
Water Maker: 50 gal/hr
Crew: 5
Charter Cruising Turkey


GPS Navigation System
VHF & Mobile Telephones
Wi-Fi Internet Communications
Satellite Television w/DVD Player
CD Stereophonic Sound System
Deep Freeze
Marine Air Conditioning
Tender with Outboard
Speed Boat with 80 hp Motor
Water Skis
Windsurfer & Kayak
Deck Shower
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment

Charter Cruising Turkey

Charter Cruising Greece

A Four-Cabin Motor-Sailing Yacht Cruising Turkey And Greece

A Six-Cabin Motor-Sailing Yacht Cruising Turkey And Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter cruising in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the gray links immediately above. Thank You. Could you be searching for white soul music, for rhythm and blues music performed by white artists? White artists like, you know, Sir Thomas Woodward? In that event, sorry, you have been directed to the wrong web page. Neither does this web page deal with the nautical refrain Soul Survivor the lyrics of which go in part When the waters is rough//The sailing is tough//I got the bell bottom blues//....//Its gonna be the death of me//Soul survivor, soul survivor.... Might you alternatively be searching for information on white soles, for information on white soled shoes, for recommended footwear aboard yachts cruising the pine-clad, cove-indented, coast of Turkey? For recommended footwear aboard yachts cruising among remote Aegean islands of Greece so far off the beaten path the local ferry is a single-cabin caique? Or might you simply be searching for a white charter yacht cruising the eastern Mediterranean, cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean? If so, you have happened upon an appropriate web page as this web page deals with the motor-sailing luxury yacht Charter Cruising GreeceWhite Soul charter cruising Turkey and Greece, for that matter charter cruising the entire Mediterranean Sea. This web page does not, as noted, deal with rhythm and blues. Nor with Sir Thomas John Woodward, OBE (Officer of the British Empire). This web page deals with the luxury motor-sailing yacht White Soul which is in fact white, from the water-line of her epoxy-laminated mahogany hull to the top of her two masts to her seven thousand square feet of canvas. Not only is she white topside, but she is also white below decks thanks to the naval architect who came up with her interior decor. While this white luxury yacht cruises the entire Mediterranean she mostly cruises the Aegean, cruising the crossroads of history. Yes, the Aegean and neighboring eastern Mediterranean is the maritime part of the crossroads of history, its bordering land mass the other part. White Soul was laid down and launched at Bodrum, Turkey, ancient Halicarnassus, a Dorian Greek and Carian city on the north shore of the Ceramic Gulf opening onto the Aegean. It was at Halicarnassus that Herodotus wrote the first history text entitled History, relying in modest degree on the centuries-earlier epic poetry of Homer recited about one hundred nautical miles up the coast at Chios and Smyrna. The yacht White Soul cruises the wakes of prominent mariners who have cruised through history at the crossroads of history, among whom may be counted Homer's Odysseus as well as two remarkable warrior queens of Caria resident at Halicarnassus prior to the Christian era, Artemisia the Elder and Artemisia the Younger. The list of prominent mariners at the crossroads of history also includes the sixteenth century corsair Turgut Reis born under the castle walls at Bodrum. Known to the west as Dragut, he rose through the ranks of corsairs to become an Ottoman admiral and one of the more prominent names in Mediterranean history. White Soul also cruises the wake of seafaring Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem who in the fifteenth century built those magnificent walls, and the Castle of Saint Peter within, which today still dominate Bodrum, Hospitallers such as Jean Parisot de la Valette who defended against the 1565 Ottoman siege of Malta at which Turgut met his end. Among many others leaving wakes at the crossroads of history was Vice Admiral Sir Cuthbert Collingwood, KB (Knight Companion Order of the Bath). He was here in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars at the zenith of Bonaparte's power, flying his flag aboard HMS Ocean (98-guns). Called Nelson's Own Hero on the cover of a biography (available from your favorite book store) which describes him as noble of heart and pure of soul, Collingwood was born in 1748 at Newcastle Upon Tyne. One of ten children, seven of them sisters, Collingwood left home at the age of 11 embarked aboard the Royal Navy's HMS Shannon. He remained at sea with the Royal Navy for 44 of the next 51 years until his death in the western Mediterranean in 1810. A veteran of the opening stages of the American Revolution when he fought ashore at the Battle of Bunker Hill and of junior officer service in the Caribbean with his contemporary Horatio Nelson, Collingwood (that's him at upper left as sketched by Nelson) first came to the attention of the Admiralty at 1794's Battle of the First of June off Īle d'Ouessant on the coast of NW France. There he assumed the duties ofCharter Cruising Greece his wounded squadron commander and contributed substantially to victory in the first naval engagement of two decades of war with France. At the Battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1797, Collingwood again distinguished himself by seizing two Spanish ships of a combined French and Spanish fleet. He received the warm praise of Nelson, also present, and a second gold medallion from the Admiralty. But it was at 1805's Battle of Trafalgar that Collingwood necessarily came into his own. That's his flagship Royal Sovereign (100) at right delivering a broadside at the Spanish flagship Santa Anna (112). First into the fray, Royal Sovereign suffered heavily as she quickly drew the attention of three French and three Spanish ships. To her starboard, the French Indomitable (80) can be seen firing into her quarter while, astern of the Santa Anna, Belleisle and Fougueux are approaching. Second in command to Nelson, Collingwood stepped into the breach upon the mortal wounding of his dear friend, completed the victory, received his third gold medallion, and succeeded to command of Britain's Mediterranean Fleet. In consequence of Trafalgar Britain had command of the sea but Bonaparte retained command of almost everything else. It was in command of the Mediterranean Fleet that Collingwood appeared in the Aegean in August and September 1807. Bonaparte and Britain's former ally Tsar Alexander had just divided Europe between them at Lithuania's river Niemen; Prussia had been dismembered, a Kingdom of Westphalia had been set up for Jerome Bonaparte, and most of Poland had become France's Grand Duchy of Warsaw. Crucially for Britain's command of the sea, Alexander handed over to France Greece's Ionian Islands as well as Russian possessions in the Adriatic taken from Turkey earlier, both in return for vague promises of future pickings in Turkey. The Russian Mediterranean Fleet which had as Britain's ally been blockading the Ottoman Navy inside the Dardanelles suddenly had no purpose. Ottoman Sultan Selim III had meanwhile been substantially under the influence of Valide Sultan Nakshedil, said to have been born Aimee du Buc de Rivery a cousin of Bonaparte's Josephine. (For more on Nakshedil click here.) Ottoman foreign policy had consequently tilted in favor of France, while war had finally been declared in December 1806. As you might presume from this brief capsule, it was not the Ottomans who brought Collingwood to the Aegean but rather the Russians. Bonaparte was rebuilding his navy and would dearly have loved to have the Russian Mediterranean Fleet at his disposal. Collingwood made sure it didn't happen, eventually seizing nine Russian battleships and one frigate while also blockading French troops at Corfu and elsewhere among Greece's Ionian islands. Tragically, Collingwood never returned to a wife and two daughters he had last seen in May 1803, succumbing of exhaustion in March 1810 while en route from Minorca to Gibraltar and thence home. He is interred beside his friend Nelson in St. Paul's Cathedral, London. As for Sir Thomas John Woodward, OBE, that's the Tom Jones in the stands at Cardiff who watched his Wales rugby side take England 30-3 to snatch the Six Nations championship on 16 March 2013, while the lyrics to Soul Survivor recited in part above were written and performed by Sir Michael Philip Jagger, KBE (Knight Commander of the British Empire). Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at to charter White Soul or for more on all of the foregoing.